Girls’ Soccer Hopes For A Win Against The Hamilton Yankees After The Loss Against Palisades


Cindy Martinez, Reporter

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Girls’ soccer, 6-2 in league and 12-5 win overall, will visit the Hamilton Yankees anticipating a victory, said coach Chaka Forman. 

“I believe we’re better than them and so we just have to prove it on the field,” he said. 

The Gondoliers defeated Hamilton previously 3-1 December 7.

Forman said that Hamilton has always been a challenging opponent and they’ve always come to the games determined to win.

Senior Sophia Lee, the captain, said that for the upcoming game they’ll be working on set pieces like goal kicks and corner kicks. 

Currently, the Gondoliers are second in the Western League behind Palisades, who are 5-0 in league. Venice’s confidence increases with every win. 

“It creates a stronger bond within the group that makes them want to play for each other rather than individually,” she said. 

The team has already proved they have lived up to the goals they had set whether it was for themselves individually or as a team, according to Lee. When it came to working on formations or different drills, the team always had the mindset of being better and wanting to accomplish that goal.

Last Wednesday, Palisades shut out Venice 6-0 at home and continues to be a challenge for the Gondos. 

Forman said that the team doesn’t change their approach based on their opponent. For them, it’s about being more fit, staying organized, playing together on defense, and finishing their chances.

Wanting to bounce back from that loss, Lee said that some of the things that they’ll work on won’t just be about their play on the field. 

“We’re going to work on recovering with overall stretches, our bodies and our mind,” she said. “That way we’ll be ready for the game.”