Ranking Chairs At Venice High From Worst To Best

Haley Couch, Reporter

Chairs are all over the world and they’re very useful. There are big chairs, little chairs, plastic chairs, metal chairs, comfortable chairs and many more. 

Let’s evaluate all the kinds of chairs we come across at Venice High. 


College desks

Where to find them: Older classrooms

College desks are not that comfortable and getting in them is pretty hard to do. They look like  squares on a metal seat with one armrest.

I wish they were bigger in size and had more left handed ones,  so if a left handed person sat in them they could use it. 

Because of the way they are made, they make classrooms seem more packed which suck. 

Chair Rating: 3 out of 10 oars


Concrete benches outside

Where to find them: Around the School’s Campus 

The concrete benches outside the Shops building are comfortable – to an extent. 

They are hard and they are higher on opposite sides to prevent skateboarders from doing tricks on them and hurting themselves. But they could have a better design, as they like white jumbo marshmallows. 

They could’ve changed the design or looked for a different way of placing them to make campus look prettier and more open.They are not comfortable but if the design was changed it would be better.

Chair Rating: 4 out of 10 oars


PantoSwing-VF Forward-flexing cantilever chairs

Where you can find them: Newer buildings

Forward flexing chairs have been in most classrooms this year, but especially in the newer buildings around school. These chairs are not the greatest, but are more comfortable than others. 

They’re easy to push in and pull out. They don’t stub toes either, since they are made out of a mix of metal and plastic.

It’s a good choice for students or teachers using these chairs. But, they aren’t comfortable if you sit in them for a long period of time.

I’m happy about the way they were made because your hair doesn’t get stuck in them. I also like how they are molded to your back so they are more comfortable to sit in. 

Chair Rating: 5 out of 10 oars


Cloth Stools

Where you can find them: Up and down stairs in the Shops buildings

The new stools that have been placed in the Shops Building are the most comfortable ever. They are perfect for lunch with your friends and other activities. 

I wish they were in all the buildings so when it rains we could use them and because they’re also really good if you need to study outside of the classroom.

I’m especially happy they were placed in the upstairs area of the Shops building because they’re an option for students who wait for their class to start in the mornings. 

Also the fine art classes can use them too since they’re nearby and easy to access. It adds more space and  there are a lot of places to look at and do still drawings. 

I believe they are the most comfortable of all the other chairs placed in classrooms and the outside area, and even though they are new, they’re a good addition to the building and match the building’s colors.

The stools are shaped like a bee hive and have a hexagon shape, so it’s easier to place your legs on them more comfortably.

However, I feel like the stools could be easily stained and in a highschool I don’t feel like they would always be best to have. 

Chair Rating: 9 out of 10 oars