Valentine’s Day Is Just Around The Corner, And So What? Get Over It

Art by senior Taylor Mah

Art by senior Taylor Mah

Haley Couch, Reporter

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Valentine’s Day is a popular holiday across the nation, and Venice is no exception. People do their best to show this day is special, with campus events like Saxy Grams and candy, but I disagree.

I believe the holiday shouldn’t be celebrated even though others love it and think that it’s a day to be celebrated every year.

Good memories will be gained by different people on this day. Most people love it and love giving gifts to their friends and Valentine’s.

In spite of that, there are many different kinds of  reasons why it shouldn’t be celebrated.

I don’t get when people are like “I hope I get a Valentine”; it’s just another nickname. You can still call others Valentine, but I don’t think that a nickname should make you love them more. Valentine is  a name that you can only call on Valentine’s Day and it shows more love to the person even though it shouldn’t be that way.

Some relationships split up on Valentine’s day and seeing everyone love each other would make a person more sad inside or even cause more jealousy at school. 

Or some only celebrate it to love their partner, which is okay, but you have every other day to do it.

We should use every day to show appreciation for the people in our lives, not the days we feel obligated to. We shouldn’t have to have an assigned day for it.

I believe that Valentine’s Day can be changed for the better.

People should be encouraged to buy candy and flowers for their loved ones any day of the year. Valentine’s Day should move to have a different meaning, like promoting self love or a day for confidence instead.