POV: I Have Mixed Feelings When Comes To The New Gates At School

Germany Gomez, Reporter

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Venice High School is well-known for its campus, especially because of mainstream pop culture like the Britney Spears song “…Baby One More Time” and the movie Grease. Even if people are merely old Venice High School students or fans of these things, many still visit this campus.

With new construction and the addition of athletic fields, the campus has begun to evolve with time, including the front of our school which recently got gates installed.

These additions have altered the appearance of our school; while some changes might be beneficial, too much will ultimately erase the past.

The gates were introduced, because they were meant to prevent vandalism. I can appreciate the predicament the school was in as a student.

But I also think that students in Venice High should be informed of the protocols because this can assist everyone understand how the gates work.

The procedures for using the gates to enter and exit the school in an emergency as a student would be helpful. In my opinion, since the school hasn’t discussed the alterations because of the gates, we students should offer our opinions.

As a student, I am aware that many students at Venice High School have opinions on how to keep us safe, and although I believe in the school and the protection they wish to provide, I still wonder how the gates will function and whether they will keep us secure or if they will be forgotten after a few weeks of use.

Due to the fact that Venice is known for its historical campus and the numerous generations before us, I do believe they are keeping us secure, but at the same time, seeing this much change in the school can be upsetting to a few.

In my perspective, I feel torn. Is it time for Venice High to adapt for our safety or do we maintain the beauty of the past?