Sugar And Spice Zest Up New Season Of RuPaul’s Drag Race


Jojo Ceja Diaz, Reporter

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Sugar and Spice were recently featured on RuPaul Drag Race for this year season 15.

The show has already attracted attention because of Sugar And Spice, as well as guest judge Ariana Grande.

The judges of the season were planning on voting Sugar off the show but Spice’s vow to Sugar to be eliminated together got them honorably the second and third to sashay-away.

They were born and raised as twins in Long Island, New York and at 23-years-old they moved to Hollywood to pursue their dreams in the model industry since they have always aspired to be “in a canvas.” meaning being the barbies at their own expense.

“In middle school, we turned our dolls into our little models and would photograph them. Now, we do the same thing, except we’re the canvas,” said Spice to Vogue in 2021.

Twinky twins drag queens Sugar And Spice are the first siblings to compete in the reality show RuPaul Drag Race. The drag duo compliment each other in a way nobody else compares to. Known for trotting in iconic drag, flashy outfits that completely on runways, and on daily tasks to their next slay.

RuPaul’s Drag Race is once again bringing families together. This time, though, it’s more of an unusual story. Season 15 drag veteran Mistress Isabelle Brooks has announced that she’s adopted costars Sugar and Spice as her drag daughters,” which one, means that Brooks was willing to guide Sugar and Spice through their drag journey on the show, and secondly, is kind of weird since competitors are supposed to compete with each other, but this shows just how drag can create authentic, meaningful connections through self-expression.

Generally speaking, RuPaul Drag Race has always been a show to show off the authenticity of many drag queens whether it’s based on looks, styles, or talent. But this duo put a new meaning in drag.

First, they gave a great deal of their supporters courage to expand their horizon and invoke their identity as well as gave them a glimpse of true pride, and for me personally, they have inspired me by just being in public with their unfiltered personality and style which is so important to expose people to that environment. Because if people aren’t used to that atmosphere then 9 times out of 10, people will come to be “afraid” or “uncomfortable” of stuff that’s outside the norm because of the lack of familiarity—whether it’s clothing, people, or events.

Their TikTok account, @sugarandspice, has amassed up to 7.6 mill followers. From mainly doing transformation videos from a typical golfer guy aesthetic to these completely different people who wear fabulous drag outfits.

It’s so important to make others feel self assured when they see influencers that look or act like themselves, because a lot of the time when people feel “out of the ordinary” depression, body dysmorphia, bad self esteem and so many other things, they feel like they are on their own.

Sugar and Spice have given me so much courage, because even if I don’t fit the standards of others, influencers like them have taught me that I can use my flaws as my strengths.