Girls’ Soccer To Face Palisades In The CIF L.A. City Division 1 Quarterfinals Today

Cindy Martinez, Reporter

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Girls’ Soccer, 16-6, will be facing Palisades in their home field for quarterfinals today at 3 P.M. after defeating the Bravo Knights this Tuesday. Palisades has been a challenging opponent for Venice in the past, but Coach Chaka Forman believes that the game will come down to execution and who can do better when it comes to playing on the field.

“So far they’ve done better than us but it’s a great chance to reverse that trend. I told the girls they don’t have to wait for 320 days to be valid, they get to beat them this week.”

Forman’s strategy for their game against Palisades is for the team to try to exploit their weaknesses. He said it’s tricky to find holes in Palisades’ defense and that the team has to be attentive towards them. Forman said that in the end they have nothing to lose, just ‘put all their chips on the table’.

“At the end of the day as long as we’ve left everything out on the field, then we’re good.”

The girls have been training in all types of weather conditions to get to where they are now, which makes every win more memorable knowing they’ve worked hard behind every step.

Forman had always emphasized the importance of love that the team is required to have for each other when it came to the games and working as a team. With every game he believes that the love he talks about becomes infinite with no limit. 

Last Tuesday, the game ended in a 1-1 tie leading them to shoot-outs. It all came down to senior Cameron Mullin, a goalkeeper.  Mullin blocked the final shot and the girls were off to the quarterfinals. 

Forman said that even though penalty kicks can be a hard way of winning games, he was proud that Mullin could get them to move forward. Having a lot of belief in her from the past four years to have her moment and shine.