Breakfast in the Classroom has Potential

JAcob Jimenez, Entertainment Editor

Breakfast in the classroom is a smart idea that has some flaws to it. It is a intelligent way to give students in Venice High School food without making them wait in a long line. Most people didn’t want to waste time at nutrition just to get food, but now the students can eat and have a full belly.

The main flaw is that much of the food is thrown away. The bags that are used are also too big for such a small amount of trash. It is bad to waste food and not try to give it to the homeless. Even science and environmental science teacher Jess Rabinowitz said that the large plastic bags are bad for the environment because they are wasteful.

The breakfast should be better than what they are giving out now. Students don’t like many of the dishes the cafeteria serves. The grilled cheese sandwich, the cranberry cookie and the weird cheese pocket thing taste like junk. The only tasty food served for breakfast in class is the cereal you can eat with milk and the coffee cake. If you improve the quality of the food, people will eat it and will finally like breakfast in the classroom. The idea of breakfast in the classroom is good and has a lot of potential to be better.

The cafeteria should somehow keep tabs on favorite meals and repeat those, while eliminating the ones no one likes such as the grilled cheese, cranberry cookie, the cheap hot pocket, etc. Everything that’s not eaten gets thrown away, so the cafeteria is not aware of student tastes. Some teachers hate to throw away food so they offer it to students during the day or, like in Mr. Chew’s case he gives the leftover food to the homeless. Thankfully enough people are not letting as much food go to waste.