Venice To Unveil Free Menstrual Product Dispensers In Campus Bathrooms

Zoe Woodrick, Editor-In-Chief

In previous years, Venice’s students that sought period products had to go to the nurse’s office or having to resort to asking a friend or peer. Students seeking these products can find them free and readily available in Venice’s girl’s bathrooms. 

Due to this implemented California law, requiring public schools and universities to carry free menstrual products on campus.  

There have been other initiatives and law attempts. One example being ‘Equity, Period,’ which would require state-owned buildings are required to carry free period products. 

Principal Cynthia Headrick says that the school has placed the products in all women’s bathrooms on campus, including staff bathrooms. 

The products are completely free,” said Headrick. 

Freshman Shirley Santiago thinks that it is a good idea to allow students access to free products that are easily accessible on campus. 

Access to menstrual products will probably make girls worry-free when they go to school and forget to bring products,” she said. 

Lack of access to and the ability to purchase menstrual products affects students in many ways. 

Access will also be good for those who can’t afford products due to financial difficulties,” said the freshman.

Many students can’t go to class or school due to their lack of access. 20% of teens have struggled to afford period products or were unable to purchase them.