‘Yona Of The Dawn’ Has A Solid Plot, But It Could Have Been Made Better


Art by senior Taylor Mah

Haley Couch, Reporter

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Yona of the Dawn was an anime I recently watched and it was very inspiring to me. It’s easy to tell that it was originally released in 2014, because of its older looking animation style.

 In the beginning, Yona, the princess of her kingdom, falls in love with Soo-won, a childhood friend that she had been crushing on for a while, which I don’t think was the best choice. Yona is 16 while Soo-won is 18; he’s a legal adult and Yona is a minor. Later in the episodes Yona was having a festival for her 16th birthday and it went well for the most part.

Yona complains about her hair on her birthday, which looked flattened and wavy, but in the anime her hair is fine. They could have drawn friz or even tangles when her hair wasn’t that bad.

On the night of her party Soo-won does something serious to her father so he could gain power over their kingdom, since the father didn’t like violence. Him doing so is definitely a plot twist because he seemed like a good character, but then he turned bad and I think that ruined it. 

 I understand that her father doesn’t like that violence is the main ideology, but he should have paid attention to the outskirts of the kingdom. Hak the bodyguard is not paying attention either to the princess, so Yona almost died at night since she saw her father die in front of her.

Hak should have paid attention to Yona because he is the bodyguard so he should have been there. Since Yona is a witness, Soo-won wants to kill her too, but Hak saved Yona while the servant looked at them trying to help.

Sadly the servant does something drastic in the end for a distraction so the others can escape the castle. I feel like the servant shouldn’t have done that since there wasn’t much to the character and they could have added flashbacks to the character to make them more special because they are just there.

They soon go to the Wind Clan, Hak’s childhood home and they stay there for a bit. They heal themselves and get ready for the new day of traveling.

They soon travel to different places to gain more knowledge and strength to go back to her kingdom.

Overall this anime was very love based and I think it could have been better. The animation was very different and had an old style to it which is very uncommon.

I hope this company makes more anime in the future.