Technology Usage Should Be Monitored For The Sake Of Genuine, Human Relationships

Billy Quinn, Reporter

Reading Time: 2 minutes

It’s inevitable that in today’s society, technology will play a role in all types of relationships, but it’s important that we monitor how much we rely on it. 

Texting allows people to be in this perpetual communication, no matter how far apart they may be. In theory, this is a great idea, and a great invention, but in practice it breaks down a lot of the inherent trust built into relationships. It gives us this idea of false intimacy and can become a distraction from the real world.  

Texting someone, and them not texting you back immediately is the worst feeling… for no reason. Rationally thinking, why on earth would anyone stop socializing or doing whatever they’re doing, to look at their phone and talk to someone that isn’t even in the same room. Having a healthy relationship, whether it be platonic or romantic, relies on both parties having an immense amount of trust for one another, and that trust can be subconsciously diminished over time for no real reason.  

Texting constantly can draw out colossal amounts of information about one another, but it’s done so in the shallowest of ways. Rather than having deep, meaningful conversations, texting creates small talk about each other’s days and doesn’t allow for proper bonding. This may feel like a way of getting to know each other, but in reality it’s not a sustainable form of intimacy. 

Having a life outside of one’s romantic relationship is super important. Living in the moment, being present, and having relationships with other people can keep you grounded, and can prevent you from missing out on important, or even just fun conversations with friends and family. Missing out on key moments in real life will result in feelings of guilt and resentment, and these feelings pour into our relationships. 

That being said, we shouldn’t just stop texting altogether. Texting plays an undeniable role in all relationships, but it’s important to take a breath when you’re about to send a text, and decide if it’s really necessary. Not only will this be beneficial for any and all relationships with others, but it will be beneficial for one’s relationship with themselves.