Film Club Soon To Host Screening Of The Social Network


Billy Quinn, Reporter

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Venice High School’s Film Club will host its first ever Film Night in the newly reopened auditorium. 

The film club, sponsored by history teacher Lenny Beckerman, will be showing David Fincher’s 2010 film, The Social Network. The screening will take place this Friday at 6 p.m.

The Social Network tells the story of a young Mark Zuckerberg in his dorm at Harvard creating what would be the pioneering social media platform, Facebook.  

The film explores themes of innovation, friendship, greed, loyalty, jealousy, and power. These themes run perpetually throughout life, so while the film may not show solely positive role models, it shows a glimpse into the real world.  

The Film Club was tasked to analyze five directors, with David Fincher being one of them. Due to LAUSD requirements, and what the club felt was appropriate to share, they decided to show The Social Network. 

Before becoming a teacher, Beckerman worked as a producer in Hollywood for 18 years.

“I always felt like I was going to become a teacher after,” he said. “I feel good about being a mentor and positive role model for students.” 

Underclass students are required to get permission slips from Beckerman’s room, 137, in order to get in the door, but upperclassmen don’t have that requirement. 

All students must be prepared to show their school I.D at the door before entering.