112 Students At Venice High Receive Seal Of Biliteracy

Ellie Zamir, Co-Managing Editor

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As the end of the school year comes closer, seniors take their language exams hoping to receive the LAUSD Seal of Biliteracy

The exam tests fluency level in a variety of languages including, Spanish, French, Italian, Arabic, Japanese, and Mandarin among other various tests taken by heritage speakers. 

This year Venice had tests examined in 16 different languages. 

In order to receive the seal, students test to prove that they are proficient in the four areas of a language—speaking and producing, understanding, listening, and writing. 

If they prove proficient or above proficient, they receive the seal of biliteracy in that language. 

Magnet Coordinator, Cris Vicente says that “this year we have 112 students who will be receiving some sort of award, some are receiving one and some are receiving up to four.” 

This year’s number of students receiving awards is less than previous years.

Mia Eliaz received the Global Seal of Biliteracy through study abroad, and taking the ACFL proficiency test, which requires mastery of language and completion of college coursework while studying abroad. 

She is the first to receive this seal in the district. She took Italian for four years now with Italian teacher Carolyn Wilcox. She also received the biliteracy exam for Hebrew. 

Matteo Sampson will be receiving a multi-language award for passing the language test for French, Italian, Latin, and German. This will be the most a student has been awarded at Venice. 

At graduation, those who receive the seal will also receive a white cord, for three or more languages, they will receive a seal along with a white cord. 

Students can also receive the Biliteracy Award before their senior year, through passing the AP exam for the language.