Healthcare Should Be A People Thing, Not An Exclusivity

Germany Gomez, Reporter

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Should healthcare be universal or free? because many people lack any access to healthcare, the topic of free healthcare is one that receives a lot of discussion.

Many people have lived their lives without receiving any sort of medical care.

I agree that everyone should have access to basic healthcare, which includes regular check-ups, vaccination, and treatment for common illnesses and injuries.

But due to the fact that so many people would require supplies related to specific treatments they may need, obtaining them would be more difficult. 

Hospitals were overflowing during the pandemic, and the lack of duplicates caused many people to suffer.

Now in 2023, the hospital lacks the staff and equipment necessary to treat patients, there is currently a supply deficit

Even if there’s a supply deficit, there are many ways that people can still get medical access, even if they’re not able to afford it. In California alone and there are about 1,487 free clinics 

Venice High School is fortunate to host mobile clinics on a regular basis for students who might be interested. They usually come to school in April and May.

The mobile clinic can offer a range of services to schools, including health screenings, vaccinations, and health education initiatives.

Additionally, Venices offers us a full-time nurse. School nurses can offer a range of services, including providing first aid, giving medication, and doing health evaluations. Schools provide us with lots of medical help for students.

But sometimes for students, we forget to ask when the events are happening to find out more about the mobile clinic morning announcements where the dates are usually posted.

The school provides help for students who need it as there are also some clinics that can help due to your parents’ income.

In my opinion, I find it very helpful that the school is trying to provide some type of healthcare for all the students, because student safety is very important. Even if many kids don’t know about it I feel like we should be well informed if you all announced because my kids do need the free healthcare.