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Palestine And Israel: “Countless casualties, displacement, and the trauma on both sides”

Reading Time: 2 minutes

The Palestinian-Israeli conflict has been the longest conflict in history since 1948. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a long, complicated subject that has resulted in unimaginable suffering for both Israelis and Palestinians throughout the years.

Recently, the Hamas fighters fired rockets into Israel and stormed southern Israeli cities and towns across the border of the Gaza strip, killing and injuring hundreds of soldiers and civilians and taking dozens of hostages. 

This conflict is one of the most difficult and hard conflicts in the world since it is about historical, territorial, political, and religious issues. It is important to approach the Palestinian-Israeli conflict with sensitivity and an understanding of its depth while having an opinion on it.

This really scares me for the people in both countries, because nobody should have to go through this and after all I’ve researched and heard about in general about this really makes me think about what the people in these countries really go through.

In my perspective, both Israeli and Palestinian people have claims over the lands. Palestinian people as much as Israeli people have claims over the region and land. This can’t be on one side because both countries have historical ties to it.

Another important thing to consider is the countless casualties, displacement, and the trauma on both sides. It is never fair to the innocent people whose lives are being played with because most of them have nothing to do with anything. This is really cruel and unfair to anyone who goes through it. 

Leaders in Israel and Palestine need to be held responsible for their acts that still continue the violence and prevent any kind of negotiations for peace. In result, there are no easy solutions to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, which is an extremely complicated problem. Any point of view on the topic should talk about the need for sympathy, understanding of the culture and history behind it.

They should come to a peaceful conclusion, and not have the violence and abuses of human rights on both sides. In the end, Israelis and Palestinians deserve to benefit the most from maintaining peace in the area, so all nations should keep working toward this goal.

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