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Student Run News Site of Venice High School

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Student Run News Site of Venice High School

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Humans Of Venice: Meet The New ‘Boss’ Of ASB

Associate Student Body president Abbasali Fazal discusses plans for the 2023-2024 school year
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Humans of Venice is an ongoing series that focuses on highlighting the exceptional personalities, wisdom, and stories of the Venice community. In this edition, staff writer Ashley Lopez Curiel interviews Abbasali Fazal, the ASB president. Fazal, frequently speedwalking with an over-the- ear headset, is often called “Boss” by classmates. He’s dedicated to helping seniors thrive in his role as ASB President.

Lopez Curiel: Who is Abbasali?

Fazal: Abbasali is somebody who people know as ‘Boss.’ Some would call me Lil Boss. Abbasali is somebody who wants to be inspirational, inspires somebody to be the best they can be. I want to be an example for my peers, like a trendsetter.

Lopez Curiel: Who is Abbasali without the headset?

Fazal: Abbasali without the headset is your average ASB president. I promised back in my campaign video I would go the extra mile. That headset makes that run a whole lot smoother, especially calls from vendors and stuff. The headset is a mix of a bunch of stuff, but it helps with communication a lot. And clear communication is one of the keys to success.

Lopez Curiel: What inspires you?

Fazal: That’s a really good question. My Gondo City fam for sure. Another inspiration comes from my parents. They want to see me do the best I can, and honestly seeing a smile on their face at the end of the day makes everything worth it. And despite all the hard efforts, I’d do anything to see them like that.

Lopez Curiel: What plans do you have next for seniors?

Fazal: I have a bunch of stuff up my sleeve for sure, and can’t give any spoilers. There is a potential SoFi Stadium rooftop terrace senior lunch that is trying to be planned for sometime in June, but I’ll just leave it at that. No guarantees, but it’s something in the makings you know. But I can’t speak about the other stuff I’m planning for seniors right now. I want to keep it a surprise.

Lopez Curiel: What are the reasons behind all your plans for seniors?

Fazal: That’s simple. When I came back to Venice back in 11th grade, I saw each and every one of my graduating class peers and how hard they work, and how much effort they put into their time. The least we can do to let them know that the Gondo community appreciates them is to plan little surprises that serve as little tokens of appreciation for them. And that doesn’t just go for my class. It goes for every class and Gondo here at Venice. I want to make sure their effort never goes unnoticed, and that’s what inspires me to do things like this.

Lopez Curiel: Is there anything you want to tell seniors?

I would like to say that please enjoy the year—relax, work hard, and have fun. You’re only a kid once. Have fun in high school while you’re at it. Also please don’t procrastinate on your college applications.

Lopez Curiel: How would you describe what you do for Venice in one word?

Fazal: I just give back, you know. It’s just something that is hard to squeeze into one word.

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