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Humans Of Venice: Model UN Daphné Rottenberg

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Humans of Venice is an ongoing series that focuses on highlighting the exceptional personalities, wisdom, and stories of the Venice community. 

In this edition, reporter Imogen Rosenberg interviews Daphné Rottenberg, a ninth grader who is a part of Model UN. In short, Model UN is basically a simulation of the United Nations. You represent a country and resolve issues such as, climate change, women’s rights, children’s rights, etc, while discussing with other people who are also acting as different countries. 

Recently, Rottenberg won an award at her last Model UN conference, which took place at Huntington Beach High School February 2 and February 3. 

Who is Daphné?

Daphné is a freshman at Venice High who is in the World Language Magnet and is a part of Model UN. I am also a figure skater and Girl Scout outside of school.

What inspired you to join Model UN?

So I started last year at Mark Twain Middle School, and it kind of just sounded like an interesting thing to do because I’ve always kind of been interested in geography and politics, and those kinds of things. And I just thought, “Why not do this?” So I tried it and I liked it, so I stuck with it.

What was the award that you won at your last conference?

It’s called the Verbal Accommodation Award. So in Model UN you don’t necessarily win specific things, it’s just like the top people in the conference for speaking the best, writing the best, being a good discusser, and just overall getting the most points in committees. 

What went into getting the Verbal Accommodation Award?

You have to prepare beforehand so you have to read this thing called a background guide, which discusses the issue. You have to write this thing called a position paper about the country’s positions and your solutions. So I had to read those things, write my position paper, research specifically about each issue, and then also research about my country. I was representing South Korea in this committee. 

What goes through your mind during a conference?

During a conference, although it is like a lot happening, it can be slightly slow paced because you are always speaking and always necessarily doing something. So I was definitely always focusing on the next thing that was about to happen. Whether that was me presenting a speech in a few minutes, or we were about to go into a discussion about a specific thing, just kind of thinking about what the best idea was going forward. 

Is this the first award you’ve won in Model UN?

So no. Last year I won something called a research award which is mostly based on the position paper. So this was my second award.

 How did it feel to win this award?

It felt really good to win an award for Venice, especially after all the work I put into the conference before and during it. No matter the obstacles in the moment, I kept going and eventually it got me to win an award.

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