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Robert Downey Jr. Wins His First Oscar

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The 96th annual Academy Awards ceremony happened last Sunday, and it was enjoyable for everyone who attended and watched them. I’m glad for everyone who won an award and that Oppenheimer won Best Picture. I’m super happy for one of my favorite actors, Robert Downey Jr, who won an award for best-supporting actor and his first Oscar. 

Wait WHAT?! IT’S HIS FIRST OSCAR? That’s insane to me. He deserved an Oscar for Ironman or even Avengers but this is his first award. If you’ve watched any superhero movie RDJ was in, you would know his acting was phenomenal. His personality matched perfectly with who Tony Stark was; he’s sarcastic, charismatic, and funny but can get serious at times, he’s smart, and I believe his sacrifice in Avengers: Endgame was Oscar-worthy. 

His final line of “I’m Iron Man” before he made his sacrifice to stop Thanos was amazing and every time I watch Endgame that line gives me chills. Even if that scene isn’t Oscar-worthy, then his other MCU roles should be considered. He was only a secondary character in those movies but they were still worthy of earning an Oscar. 

In the first Tom Holland Spider-Man movie, Spider-Man: Homecoming, he played an important secondary role in assisting Peter Parker in his superhero journey. I believe that Robert Downey Jr played that role perfectly and it’s stupid that he was denied an Oscar for so long.  

Aside from superhero movies that RDJ played in, he was in a ton of other movies that deserved Oscar recognition such as Sherlock Holmes in 2009 and Tropic Thunder in 2008. I understand that the Academy might not like RDJ very much due to his past drug addiction but he has since recovered since then and has made an impact across the United States.  

He stopped doing drugs in the 90s which reportedly was helped when he had a Whopper from Burger King that was so bad that he threw his drugs into a body of water. Recently Snopes had to clarify the story and as of writing this story, Snopes hasn’t confirmed if the story is true or not. Nonetheless, RDJ has fully recovered from his drug addiction and helps others recovering from Drugs. 

Despite all of this, however, I am still happy for RDJ for this achievement and hope he wins more Oscars in the future. His acting skills are amazing and he is a talented person and deserves all of the recognition for it. 

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