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TikTok Rizz Party Analysis

Reading Time: 3 minutes

While scrolling through social media, you may have stumbled upon a video featuring a group of sweaty teenage boys raving to Kanye West’s new hit, “Carnival.”

The clip has grown in popularity, with the original video garnering tens of millions of views. While having nothing to do with it, it’s been related to the “TikTok Rizz Party Poster” meme, which was trending at this time last year.

At first glance, the entire scene can be described as modern “brain rot,” partially due to its use of overplayed music, language such as “rizz,” “gyatt,” and “skibidi,” but mostly because of the exuberance that the teens show in an empty, Sweet 16 party. 

The teens were mostly likely clueless on how viral the video would turn out to be, with only intentions of having fun.

Many including myself seemingly became quite interested in this video, with some people creating edits and building a backstory for everyone involved at the party, highlighting the social hierarchies that many teenage cliques are host to.

The video is a prime example of how it works in the real world. I usually witness this in every group. People have different perspectives for others depending on their reputation. If you really look at it, the people shown in the viral video are just a typical group of teenagers who live a normal American teenage life. 

There are 4 main characters that people associate with the “TikTok Rizz Party,” who are all 10th graders living in New York. Due to the fact that nobody knows their real names, internet users have dubbed each of them a nickname based on their persona and appearance. They are as follows:

Blue-Tie Kid (Group Leader) – Seen as the leader of the group, who is always in the spotlight initiating dance moves.

White-Shirt Kid (Second-in-command) – Seen as the Group Leader’s right hand man, who is usually close to him and monitoring everyone in the group. He is seen as the strongest in the group, but he respects the leader.

Turkish Quandale Dingle – Usually the butt of the jokes in the group, he is mocked for his large nose, which creates the comparison between him and Quandale Dingle, another viral meme from 2022.

Tomato Face – He is recognized for his reddish face, comparing him to a tomato. He is seen as another side character who follows the leaders’ actions.

Many online creators have taken advantage of its popularity, with many making TikToks either recreating or discussing the event itself. They’ve built upon the social hierarchy that they see in the videos, delving deep into the mentality and actions of random kids that they don’t know anything about.

The entire meme really speaks to the unpredictability of the internet, and how modern humor has shifted from witty jokes to the over-the-top analyses about a bunch of normal teenagers at a party. Many people find it funny due to its stupidity, as it simply doesn’t make any sense.

Irony is also a huge factor of humor these days, as while many people see this behavior as “cringe” and “brain rot,” in a way, they find it funny to act like it’s not funny.

According to the teenagers recent interview, they get made fun of or teased at school sometimes because of the video. They laugh it off as a joke. This also relates to how many kids get mocked at school due to what they show in social media. Social media being a big factor in todays’ world affects people in the

This randomness is the giver of opportunities to Characters such as Blue-Tie Kid and Turkish Quandale Dingle have begun posting on their own social media accounts, in an attempt to milk the fame that they’ve been granted. They’re both looking to build a name on the internet. 

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