Coldplay Creating a Head full of Dreams

Coldplay Creating a Head full of Dreams

Yesenia Vargas, Assistant Entertainment Editor

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Four-piece British rock band, Coldplay recently released their seventh album “A Head Full of Dream” on Dec. 4. For a band that has been around for almost two decades, they never stop working.

The band announced their latest record by plastering a mysterious poster of album art that included colorful circles intertwining all around the world a month before the released date. The next thing that happened was their newest single “Adventure Of A Lifetime” dropped and showed a new exciting side of Coldplay.

This is a song people wouldn’t expect from the band. The pop influences are mixed with futuristic sounds. The sound of the new record is opposite of their last record “Ghost Stories,” which was inspired by lead singer Chris Martin’s separation with his wife, actress Gwyneth Paltrow.

“A Head Full Of Dreams” is the album no Coldplay fan would expect. All the songs on the album are unique in every way. “Everglow” is a bit more like the usual Coldplay song, soft and sweet while being genuine about missing that important person and letting go. Both “Kaleidoscope” and “Colour Spectrum” are both a minute in length, but serve the purpose of transitioning the album smoothly.

The most surprising song of the album is “Hymn For The Weekend,” featuring the multitalented Beyonce. The song includes Martin and Beyonce’s harmonies when singing the catchy lines of “ Drinks on me, Drinks on me.” The song is a curveball. Most listeners didn’t expect this band to write: a party song.