Venice High Classrooms Get Broken Into

Andrea Lo, News Editor

On the evening of Oct. 13, intruders broke into and vandalized three Venice High buildings.

The intruders broke into the main building first by breaking the glass on windows of the front doors. They then they made their way into the other buildings.

Math teacher Walter Fujita’s room in the East Building was broken into. The intruders broke the door window to enter, sprayed WD-40 on the floor and Mr. Fujita’s keyboard, and stole a projector.

Room 106 in the East Building was also broken into, and another projector was taken.

Science teacher Patrick James also had his room broken into in Cunningham Hall. He said that paper towels were in the sink, and comments about him were written on boards, as well as graffiti.

Next door to Mr. James’ room, science teacher Barry Vella’s room had papers thrown around the whole classroom.

As for the intruders, they have not been identified yet, but police are following some leads.

“We are working with LAPD and school police, but we don’t have a person identified,” said Principal Oryla Wiedoeft.

Following the discovery of the break-in, Dr. Wiedoeft emailed LAUSD officials to ask for their help. The video cameras and alarm system had not been working, campus lights were off, and an important key was missing.

Dr. Wiedoeft said that since then, the whole school has been re-keyed, and the alarm system and lights have been fixed and are now active. The video cameras, in addition to being fixed, also have night vision now.

Last year, The Oarsman room was broken into and two cameras were stolen. The year before, math teacher Mokonen Tesfom’s room was vandalized.

In spite of what happened, Dr. Wiedoeft is optimistic.

“The break-in ended up really helping us out,” said Dr. Wiedoeft, referring to the new security measures.