Homeless Students In LAUSD

Homeless Students In LAUSD

Melody Treadwell

November was National Homeless Youth Awareness Month.

In the month of November, LAUSD spread awareness of homeless youth in the school system. The goal of this program is to highlight the issue of homeless youth, and encourage students, parents, district employees and community members to discuss this issue.

“I support National Homeless Youth, because everybody deserves to have a home and an education said Erica Soto.

I would help spread awareness about this issue.”

During November, community partners were asked to support this cause by organizing   fundraisers for the LAUSD Homeless Education Program or other homeless service providers, by wearing purple, displaying the LAUSD National Homeless Youth flyer, or by organizing a food drive to donate to a local food bank or food pantry. Students could take on these projects or simply wear purple during November.

“I will help spread awareness of this cause, because everyone that needs the help deserves it,” said Isis Wyche.

On Nov. 21, United Way sponsored a Homewalk to generate awareness of homeless youth.