School Food


Cristina Moreno, Reporter

Reading Time: 2 minutes


There are many reasons why many students don’t eat the lunch that they serve at school.
Many students are clueless when it comes to what the cafeteria food contains.

Meals do not have the nutritional facts on the packaging of the food. Students are supposed to know what ingredients, calories, or daily values the food contains.

For example, we do not know what’s in the chili con carne dish. How are students supposed to know what’s in this food? I think that the ingredients definitely should be listed on the food that you are going to consume. Students can have allergies to certain ingredients in foods. The only way you can find these facts out is looking them up online on café, according to Marcelino Mejia, cafeteria manager.

Students can also have food restrictions like being vegan or vegetarian. The school cafeteria serves vegetarian options only on Mondays. They also serve salads every day, but even the salads sometimes contain chicken or hard-boiled eggs. It would make eating school food easier for these people if the food was labeled so they know exactly what they are eating.

Another reason why many students don’t eat the lunch food is because of how it tastes. The taste of the food served in the cafeteria can vary depending on the personal preference of the person. Some can say a school meal is delicious while another person eating the same thing can say that they don’t like it. The taste depends on the quality of the meal. I personally like the coffee cake for breakfast. I also love most of the apples that usually come with the breakfast. But I stopped eating cafeteria lunches a long time ago because I simply did not like the food they served.

To fix these problems, we need to let the principal know. Dr. Wiedoft is always asking students to identify problems that they encounter in school. One problem I’m encountering is the quality and secrecy of the food they are serving here at school. I hope that changes will be made if many students state their problems with the food. Students’ nutrition is a very important factor for studying, doing homework, and focusing in school.