Beauty Shouldn’t Cause Animals Pain

Mireya Curiel

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Many people are consumed by their looks, but they fail to realize that a lot of the cosmetics on their face or the clothes are tested on living creatures.

Animal cruelty in the beauty and fashion industries is wrong and should be outlawed. I don’t understand how human being can bare to torture little creatures that haven’t caused any harm to anyone. Animals have a beating heart and breathe the same air as us, so why does that give us any right to sacrifice their lives in order to gain our personal beauty aesthetic.

Not only do animals die, but many suffer along the way when getting tested with toxic chemicals for makeup.

Animal testing is very common in the cosmetic industry. Many cosmetic lines like MAC, Covergirl and Maybelline test on animals like rabbits, guinea pigs, and hamsters, according to

They are usually tested on their eyes or are rubbed on their skin to check if the product will cause irritation. Some cosmetic industries will make animals swallow doses of chemicals to see if the doses cause death. Animals are usually tested with mascara, lipsticks, and other up-coming products to check their safety of human application, according to The Human Society International (

Sometimes these tests done on animals aren’t justified. Therefore, all these cosmetic companies are wasting their time and have no legitimate reason for the death of these creatures. Human beings have a different cell structure and anatomy from animals so their testing can’t always be accurate. There are also new computer and artificial models that can replace these animals being tested, according to

Next time you buy cosmetics, make sure you do research before buying from an industry that is cruel to animals, if you truly care for the lives of these creatures.

Makeuo lines like Urban Decay, NYX cosmetics, Lush and Smashbox are cruelty-free, according to the website of International Business Times. Find out what you can do to stop animal cruelty like signing petitions, donating to Hummane Society International or advocating about these issues.