JaNiece Calhoun, Reporter

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In light of a new contract that Los Angeles Unified School District has signed with Schoology, the learning management system will become common ground for all teachers in L.A.U.S.D.

Schoology provides resources for teachers to organize course material for their specific class, as well as act as a grade book. Some teachers like John Bruno and Brent Rojo are using it this year. Venice was selected to be a pilot school for the program.

“ The ability to post assignments and students being able to turn in assignments and get feedback online is very helpful.a” said Algebra and Engineering teacher Mr. Rojo

Schoology is different from Jupiter Grades because Jupiter Grades is not supported by the school district. Venice High has used it for several years, and it was paid for by Friends of Venice

Schoology will be a new way to organize and input student information, grade them, and offer resources for students all on one site.

“If fully used, it will be fully integrated way for students to be able to access course materials, assignments, etc.,” said A.P. Statistics and Algebra 2 teacher Mr. Bruno