Students United Against Hate

Mireya Curiel, Reporter & Photo Editor

Reading Time: 2 minutes


Students, teachers, and parents from communities all over Los Angeles, including some Venice High students, gathered for the event Students United Against Hate, that took place in MacArthur Park on Jan. 18. Students United Against Hate was organized for students to raise their voices against racism, sexism and show their resistance to the new president Donald J. Trump and show the negative effects Trump’s presidency will have on public schools and students’ communities.

It showcased art, panel discussions and an open mic to those wanting to speak about their feelings or comment on the new presidency.

Senior Tatyana Ali, who represented Venice High, and five other students from different Los Angeles schools spoke at the event.

“Because of everything that’s going around and all the extreme problems that we’re having, you need a safe haven and you need to know that there’s someone else like you that is still going through the things that you are,” said Ali to the Oarsman. “But they can all come together and group as one. As humans, we’re all having that problem, of how to be together and work together,” said Ali, explaining as to why she participated in the event.

At the end of the event’s panel discussion, students went to the microphone and read poems that represented themselves or their resistance to Trump. They chanted for unification, bettering their schools, black lives, and other ideals against Trump.

Students United Against Hate also had an art show that included art from Venice High students Faith Freeman, Drew Anderson, and Ali. Their art represented their pride and resistance to Trump. Freeman showcased a piece representing “Nasty Women Against Trump,” with a fist in the air. Anderson’s piece was an embroidered rainbow color outline of a heart. Ali’s piece was three black men with their eyes connected together to signify that every black man knows each black man’s struggle because of the color of their skin.

Venice High students prepared for the event over a month. The students who organized the event came from different schools around Los Angeles and are involved in an organizing group, Students Deserve, where they discuss and plan events within their school or around Los Angeles. They discuss topics like policing in school and random searching and advocate to better their schools.

The Students Deserve chapter at Venice meet every Wednesday in Mr. Soni Lloyd’s room 232.