“Plastic Paradise-The Great Pacific Garbage Patch”

Alan Gamez, Reporter

The World Language/Global Studies Magnet at Venice High School presents an exceptional documentary films from around the world. The film for this year was “Plastic Paradise – The Great Pacific Garbage Patch.”

The film was shown to encourage students to rethink the use of plastic in their everyday life. It shows photos of poor sea creatures tangled in plastics and statistics on how the United States alone misuses plastic.

Students from graduation years 2017-2020 gathered to watch the film in the library with their foreign language class.

“[It’s] shocking to find out plastic never actually goes away,” Said Ana Sebastian after watching the film.

The film began with a disturbing image of a dead bird being cut open as plastic objects are removed from its stomach. This leads into a brief history of plastic, and talks about how plastic is bad for the earth and how it really never decomposes. Anyone who has visited a beach has encountered plastic residue but viewers may not realize the extent of the problem. The centerpiece of the film is a journey that Angela Sun takes to the Midway Atoll, Sun finds loads of plastic surrounding the island, which has been accumulating over the years.

Senior Daniela Velasquez enjoyed the film and said “ the movie was life changing in the way that I want to stop using plastic as much as I used too.”