Mariachi Club Starting Next Year

Mireya Curiel, Reporter and Photo Editor

Reading Time: < 1 minute

The Music Department will be starting a Mariachi Club in the upcoming school year 2017-2018. Mr. David Lee, the band instructor and teacher, will be the instructor for the Mariachi Club. A mariachi group consists of instruments like the guitarron, a guitar, violins, trumpets, vihuea, and vocal singers.

The Mariachi Club will include interested musicians, most of whom are in choir, band, and guitar classes. They will start practicing and assess the needs of the group.

“It has potential to turn into a class because of beginning strings and band,” said Mr. Lee. “I’m really excited to start it because it’s different and Venice has a great culture and the Mariachi Club will bring more of the culture out.”

The club also hopes to cooperate with Mark Twain’s dance team and other mariachi groups around the area. They will focus more on participating in community events.

“It’s going to include other band instruments, not just the basics in mariachi,” said junior, clarinet player, Nancy Lopez. “I’m excited we’ll get to learn different music.”

Mariachi groups date back to the 19th century Mexico. They are an old musical tradition in Mexican communities. They are well known for the charro suits they wear in their performances, according to Wonderopolis.

If you are interested in joining the Mariachi Club, see Mr. Lee in Room 3 and drop off your contact information.