New Counselor for MEDIA


Mireya Curiel

Mr. James Curtis, the new counselor, in his office.

Barbara Polesi, News Reporter

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Venice High Media Arts and Technology Academy welcomes new counselor James Curtis. Mr. Curtis replaced Ms. Jamie Simon-Meyer as she became the new college counselor. Mr. Curtis has worked at Venice last year in the counseling office as the Sports Medicine Academy counselor.

“This will be a great year,” said Curtis. “We plan to carry on with the excellent work of the previous counselor Ms. Simon-Meyer.”

As the new college counselor, Ms. Simon- Meyer is expecting to work with a lot of juniors in addition to the seniors this year and even some 9th graders who would like to look into some opportunities as far as job offerings and college classes.

“There is a lot to do and get settled, but I am very excited for this school year,” said Ms. Simon-Meyer. “This is something I always looked forward to as far as career wise, so when the offering came, I accepted it happily.”

Ms. Simon-Meyer said there is a lot that students can look forward to, including a college fair on Oct. 11, and an online program named Naviance where students can submit transcripts and recommendation letters.