Handling the End of a Friendship


Melina Torres, Opinion Reporter

Handling the end of a friendship can be easy or hard. Friendship is the strongest bond between two people. ¨Some people are in our lives because they carry a precious shard of our history, while others reflect our passions and priorities right now,¨ according to oprah.com. Sometimes you can see your friendship ending before it happens. Other times are like a surprise. There are different ways of handling the end of a friendship.

1.Accept it. When friendships end because the two people change or slowly drift away from each other, it’s best to accept what is happening and move on. But only if it can’t be fixed.

2.Out of sight, out of mind. This means removing him or her from your life by throwing out things that remind you of them and which will help you to never think of them again. On social media, you can either block them or unfriend them.

3.Hang out with other friends. Just because you lost one friend doesn’t mean you don’t have any other friends. They probably will be there for you.

4.Have a hobby. The time and energy you put in this friendship, you should pour it into something else like a hobby. ¨Getting out and being active can help you keep your mind off of the lost friendship. It can also give you something to look forward to,¨ according to wikihow.

If you know you are not the cause for this friendship ending, then you should not be dwelling on it because it is not your fault. Find a friend who will be there for you when you need them.