Schoology Replaces Jupiter Grades

Barbara Polesi, News Reporter

Venice High has permanently adopted Schoology as the main source of grading used by teachers. Schoology is a website where teachers can upload not only grades, but also any assignments, files and videos. There are also discussion pages where students can make comments and reply to each other. Students and teachers can also message each other through the website. Even though a few Venice teachers used Schoology last year, most of them used Jupiter Grades.

Venice was obligated by LAUSD to take on Schoology as their main grading system. Students may log into Schoology using their “MyMail” LAUSD account, where all information about their classes will be automatically displayed. To find the website, students must type on your browser.

“I’m fine with Schoology,” said Junior Tyler Stoner. “I was so used to Jupiter so it was weird switching to Schoology but I’m used to it now. It’s way easier to upload assignments through Schoology than on paper. It won’t get lost.”

However, Schoology is not all rainbows and butterflies. Printing pages, a well-done seating chart and uploading grades of a whole class at once, are some of the things Jupiter offered that Schoology doesn’t, according to several teachers. And though some teachers really know how to work the program, others don’t like it as much.

“The idea behind Schoology is really smart,” said science teacher Jenny Jackson. “There’s a lot you can do through it, but it could be really hard to navigate.”