The Gender Neutral Restroom Now Open

The gender neutral restroom in the main building.

Mireya Curiel

The gender neutral restroom in the main building.

Aracelly Cotrina, Opinion Reporter

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A new gender neutral bathroom at Venice was finally opened. It replaced the bathroom the girls used to use downstairs in the main building.

The bathroom was locked until Sept. 5 and students needed a key to get in. According to an office employee who didn’t want to be named “Students had to go to the main office and ask for a key, then students had to talk to the school psychologist who decided if they were able to get a hold of the key.”

“I’m glad the gender neutral bathroom is open to everyone now, because I heard the key was hard to get a hold of,” said senior Emily Antonio.

On Wednesday and Thursday of this week, the door for the restroom was propped open during the school day. Boys and girls were both using that restroom.

Last semester students and teachers held meetings to discuss the opening of a gender neutral restroom. Many students signed a petition requesting a gender neutral bathroom.