ASB Election Results


Mireya Curiel

Left to Right: Leslie Arenas, Shara Wade, Destiny Reyes, Savannah Aguayo

April Cuarenta, Features Reporter

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Venice High School, Associated Student Body election results are in!

This 2017-2018 student body elected senior Shara Wade for President, senior Destiny Reyes for vice president, senior Leslie Arenas for treasurer and senior Savannah Aguayo for historian and secretary on Sept. 18. A total of 1400 students voted during their second period.

When asked how she felt about winning the election, Wade said, “I was very excited, nervous, a little scared but overall content.” As president, she said she will make her senior year one of the best. Wade received a total of 487 votes.

Reyes wanted to run for vice president because she also wanted to make her last year her most memorable year. She said that she wants to improve the school spirit and give back to the school. As vice president, she said she is ready to work alongside Wade and is prepared to fulfill her leadership duties. Reyes ran against Nancy Lopez, Natalee Echavarria and Teana Warren.

When asked what her goals are for the school year, Wade responded, “My goal is to have a successful homecoming, and for the Class of 2018 to have both a memorable prom and a full day at Disneyland and California Adventure.”

Wade feels like this role of responsibility has made her feel more like an adult and she knows this experience will benefit her in the future.

Aguayo decided to run for historian and secretary because she felt that Leadership was lacking ideas and definitely needed more school spirit. As a former student and member of Culver City High’s Leadership, she feels like she has enough experience and has what it takes to really turn this year around.

When asked why she wanted to run for treasurer, Arenas said, “ I’m a person who likes to take control, and I like putting things together, so I felt this was a good opportunity for me.”

As treasurer, she will work alongside Mr.Delu when it comes to ASB expenses.

Before the election took place on Sept. 14, all ASB candidates filled the school campus with posters and flyers to get the students’ attention and publicize who was running for a leadership role. Wade’s campaign posters left a great impression on Venice High’s student body, as her poster was constantly being posted on Instagram by many of her peers.

To run for a leadership office, students have to be enrolled in the Leadership class and they are required to fill out a packet that shows grades, number of absences, work habits, cooperation and must get two letters of recommendations.

The Associated Student Body is responsible for designing and organizing school dances, pep rallies, blood drives, spirit week, among other things. This year’s adviser is Ms. Luisa Eames, who teaches in the Cunningham Hall in Room 130.