Alicia Valenciana, Opinion Reporter

Over the years, many students have felt lost in the college application process, perhaps because they didn’t have something or someone to guide them. As students have become more college bound throughout the years, LAUSD has decided to provide every school with Naviance, an online program which allows students to navigate through the college and career process, simply with the push of a button.

The website students go to is Students will log in using their LAUSD mymail account and their password. If they need help changing their password, they can see College Counselor Jamie Simon-Meyer or another counselor.

Not only does the new program allow for student access, but it allows parents to access it through the student portal as well.

Counselors are now trying to give the program information to younger students as they visit classes to make it known to ninth through 11 graders.

“You can go to the ‘about me’ page and do assessments about yourself if you need help figuring out what career would be best, if you need help deciding a major or if you just want to learn more about yourself in general,” said Ms. Simon-Meyer.

For seniors it can be stressful learning a new tool, but once they see all that Naviance has to offer, it’s great program with many opportunities, said Ms. Simon-Meyer.

”It’s definitely a guide to me since I didn’t know where to start before,” said senior Lesli Lopez.

“Naviance has helped me set up a goal for myself, where I’m able to see what colleges and universities are meant for me, where I can continue my education by knowing what each school has to offer.”