Based on a True Story

Ariel Reyes, Entertainment Reporter

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Based on a True Story
Ariel Reyes
Horror movies take up a good portion of films made in Hollywood and a majority of the time they claim they are the most frightening the country has ever seen. When it comes to being based on a true story, these horror films couldn’t be farther from the truth.
Hollywood has made a habit of stretching the truth on true story films or when going off a story when it follows a book. Here are three times that horror movies went completely off the true story:
“The Exorcist” (1973)
The movie known for its iconic and traumatizing scene on the staircase was based off a book of an actual experience. To begin with, the girl who got possessed in the film, Regan MacNeil, was in fact not a female at all. In reality, it was a young boy named Ronald Hunkeler who was possessed by playing with the Ouija, according to Blumhouse.The bizarre and violent scenes in the movie were not far off from the personal experiences in the book “The Exorcist,” but sadly the infamous spider scene did not happen in real life.
2. “Annabelle: Creation” (2017)
After the death of their little girl a dollmaker welcomes a nun and several girls into their home in this supernatural horror film. To begin with, Annabelle was not in fact a strange worn-out porcelain doll, but in reality she was nothing but a Raggedy Ann. Annabelle was also not a gift from a husband to a pregnant wife, but she was originally a present from a mother to her daughter who was in college. The “creation” of Annabelle was completely false, but the strange positions and areas the doll was found was true to story. The doll lashed out to a man, but in the movie most of the bad things like being dragged and seeing figures happened to the wife. In real life, a couple had gone to see the doll and the man taunted it. He later got in a motorcycle accident and die the same day. The Warrens built a special case for the doll, because of fear she would continue hurting people.
3. “Amityville House” (2005)
This movie is known to be controversial on whether the house haunted or not, but since a family of six died in the house and the person who plead insanity, Ronald DeFeo, Jr. had claimed he had heard voices telling him to kill his family. The movie had created a scene that occurred in real life with a swarm of flies surrounding the house, but Hollywood has portrayed the swarm larger than it actually was. The fact on whether it was haunted or not is still up for debate, but an iconic image is of a little boy with white eyes peering behind the frame of a doorway. Still, it is considered one of the most haunted houses in the country and continues to be on the market in Amityville, New York.