Don’t Neglect Your Dog

Aracelly Cotrina

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Getting a dog will change your life forever and if you aren’t willing to give your dog the attention it deserves, you should not get one.
It’s a huge responsibility to get a dog, for the owner and for their family. When no one is home, you should have someone take care of your dog.
I’ve seen many cases where someone gets a dog because they see how cute other people’s dogs are. They are obsessed with the dog at first but then a week or two after, they forget about it. I have neighbor who got a dog four months ago and at first she wouldn’t leave him alone and was so in love with him and after a couple of weeks she totally forgot about him and wouldn’t even feed him so now the dog is really skinny to the point where you can see his bones. He always runs away and comes to my house so I can feed him and give him water.
Dogs are not accessories that you can have just for show. You have to take care of them and love them unconditionally. Dogs have feelings too, so you can’t just drop them off at the pound or give them away if you can’t take care of them. They can’t take care of themselves and they need your help, not just feeding them but also giving them lots of love.
It’s really sad to see so many dogs at the shelter because they were abandoned by their previous owner or found on the streets because someone was incapable of caring for them.
Only get a dog if you are 100% sure that you can care for them no matter what and actually have the money to buy them food and supplies. “Adopting a new pooch typically costs owners $2,858 in the first year,” says Carly Ledbetter from
If you truly believe that you’re capable of giving your dog lots of love, then get one and enjoy it!