College Applications and Scholarships

Yume Kamal, Reporter

It’s just about that time for seniors to get in their college applications. College counselor Jamie Simon-Meyers has made it as easy as it can get with the new website, Naviance. With Naviance, you are able to find the colleges that are right for you while keeping track of the colleges you’re thinking of.

To find the due date for college applications, you can easily find this information on the website of the college of your choice. The due date for most Cal States and UCs is Nov. 30 and  Early Decision is due Nov. 1.

Some schools don’t even have a deadline, more than a few colleges offer rolling applications. This is when a college leaves the application window open for a long period of time and respond to applicants as they come, instead of waiting for a certain deadline. It is basically a first come, first serve, system.

If you are unsure of the deadline of the school of your choice, you can easily find this information on their website.

“Start working on essays soon,” Ms. Simon-Meyers urged. “Do not wait last minute!”

As well as applying for college applications, you should already also apply for scholarships. There are a ton of different scholarships that are offered depending on the school. They range from anything from an academic scholarship to a creative scholarship. If you qualify, there are numerous amounts you can choose from depending on what fits you.

Venice’s very own alumni association offered $125,000 in scholarships, to go to your college tuition.

How does this work?  Each year, the VHSAA applications are available in March and due in April. Interested seniors with a GPA of 2.5, have to send in a questionnaire, an essay and explain their information about their income. The awards will then be given at Senior Awards Night in May.

Although this process could be stressful, Ms. Simon-Meyers advises, apply to as many colleges as possible. Keep your options open and pace yourself.  There are many options available to seniors, take advantage of what you can.