Dr. Wiedoeft Update

Yume Kamal, News Reporter

Principal Oryla Wiedoeft’s return to school after a medical leave has been delayed. Principal Wiedoeft has been on a leave of absence this school year due to complications from prior cancer treatments. She was expected to return by Oct.15 but she is going to be out past Thanksgiving break. Mrs. Fonna Bishop has been taking her place in the mean time.

Neither Mrs. Bishop or Dr. Wiedoeft herself know when she will be well enough to return. Mrs. Bishop did say Dr. Wiedoeft has had two surgeries and the second one did not heal correctly. She’s now convalescing. She’s not currently in the hospital, but she is sitting tight till her doctor gives her the release to come back to work.

“She misses everyone and keeps track of students and the staff,” said Mrs.Bishop, who has been very supportive of Dr. Wiedoeft’s issues. She also said she is eager to get back to work.