Is Having a Job While in School Worth it?


Aracelly Cotrina

Adamarys Abad recreating her working at Rita’s Italian Ice.

Aracelly Cotrina, Opinion Reporter

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Having a job while in school is absolutely worth it for some people. If you’re a busy person who plays sports, it may not work for you because you may not have time to juggle everything.

In my case, I accepted a job at the Subway by my house, even though my job is about an hour away from school. I participate in very few extracurricular activities, but if I do, I make sure I don’t work that day. Many of my friends have jobs and still manage to get decent grades and they have no problem with it at all.

Maybe your parents are against you getting a job because you might not fully focus on school and they’re scared that you won’t have time for it. When I started applying for jobs, my dad didn’t want me to get a job. I got one anyway though, so I could help out with the bills and not have to ask for money all the time when I just wanted to go out with my friends.

Getting a job can help you economically. You can buy your own school supplies, clothes, and if you have a pet, you can take care of them on your own. You can also buy whatever you want with your money and not have to ask your parents for things you want.

People with AP classes have a lot of homework and projects so this may not be for them. Someone with easier classes might find it simpler to get a job because they might not have homework most of the time. If you’re not busy with homework and other things you can absolutely find a job to sustain yourself. If you want even save up to buy yourself a car and facilitate your way to college, get a job.