STAR Program

Barbara Polesi, Assistant Entertainment Editor

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Venice High School hosted a program of intervention classes called Students Taking Action (STAR Program) for all students who have a current low grade on a math class, to help them get a C by the end of the semester. The program started on Saturday Nov. 18 and will end on Saturday Dec. 9.

The STAR program was previously called Pass Program, for obvious reasons. It is available for all students who have a current grade of D (60-69 percent) or F (50-59 percent) on an Algebra 2 class, but are willing to work towards passing the semester with a C. Some of the options students have are get help with homework, be tutored on a specific subject, or retake a test they received a poor grade on.  

“It is great for students who actually want to do better and not settle for less,” said Math teacher Brent Rojo. “It is intensive but it’s very helpful.”

The program consists of 20 hours of intensive tutoring: every Saturday for four hours, and every Monday and Thursday after school for two hours. It is unclear if the program will continue next semester.