LAUSD Band Competition Dec.2

Melina Torres

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Last Saturday, Dec. 2 around one o’clock the Venice High Marching Band sporting their brand new cape came onto the field looking determined to win. It was the 43rd L.A.U.S.D. Marching Band Competition at East LA College. This year they performed a mashup of Wizard of Oz meets the Wiz.
The music was great, none of the 40- plus band members and two color guards seemed to make a mistake. Their expressions were very serious through the whole show. The audience cheered loudly for them when they finished performing.
When the judges were calling schools to receive their trophy, the Venice High marching band members were being killed with suspense because their result was announced last. But they were disappointed with the results. The marching band received only a participant trophy. First place winners got a trophy, certificate, and a banner to use for their homecoming parades. The second and third place bands also got bigger trophies.
¨I know we’re not very good right now but one day, we’ll be the ones taking the banner home,¨ said Elizabeth Vargas, who plays the sousaphone.
¨I think we did better this year than last year,¨ said Robert Villegas who plays snare drum. ¨I wish we had gotten a place but I’m happy with the progress. We improved¨
The marching band might perform songs from the band of Queens next year.
¨I can’t wait for next year.¨ said bass drummer Jaylen Harrison. ¨I think we all did a good job.¨