WASC Postponed

Yume Kamal, News Reporter

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Venice High School had scheduled a visit by Western Association of Schools and Colleges for spring but it has been postponed to the first week of November 2018, due to the medical leave of Principal Oryla Weidoeft, according to interim principal Doris Lasiter.

The WASC visits are incredibly important to a school and its reputation. When the WASC staff visits every six years, it’s also a decision of accreditation. The visit is a three day meeting of the WASC committee with teachers and the school’s ASB Leadership with a set of questions to get an idea of Venice High School’s governance, instruction, curriculum, school culture and committee. After this is all evaluated, a report is written and sent to commission.

WASC stands for Western Association of Schools and Colleges, it’s the accrediting commision for schools. The purpose for their services is to secure that a school’s community is considered an honest and dependable foundation for a student’s education, as well as help a school spot any improvements that may be needed.

If a school is not  WASC accredited, it could affect a student’s education and their eligibility for financial aid and acceptability into colleges.