Question Man: How Can Venice High Be Improved?

New Year, New School

Mya Gates and April Cuarenta, Asst. Web Editor, Asst. News Editor

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Now that it’s a new year and the start of the second semester at Venice High, two Oarsman staff members went around campus and asked a variety of faculty and students what improvements they would like to see at Venice High.

Mireya Curiel
Freshman Eduardo Lopez.

Eduardo Lopez, 9th Grade: “I’m fine with how things are. I really settled down. The teachers are really nice. It’s a cool school, but if I really had see something change it’s the boys bathroom. It stinks in there.”

Mireya Curiel
English Teacher and Head MEDIA Teacher, Ms. Ruth Greene.

Ms. Greene, English Teacher: “I would like to see my AP students work harder so that they can excel on the AP exam!”


Jesse Fabian, 10th Grader: “Some of us are immature, a lot of people spit off the bridges or they’ll throw Pop-Tarts in the hallways. I don’t want this to affect our future, such as Grad Nite or graduation. It gives us a bad reputation at Venice because of this.”

Mireya Curiel
Sophomore Isaac Gomez.

Isaac Gomez, 10th Grader: “I would really like it if I was able to contact my counselor easier, because I really want to stay on track.”

April Cuarenta
Junior Esther Waters

Esther Waters, 11th Grader: “Cleaner restrooms because it stinks and no one takes care of it in there, and there’s always people throwing things at lunch.”

Mireya Curiel
Senior Adeniji Stevens.

Adeniji Stevens, 12th Grade: “The school is fine overall. I think there’s a lot of good things here. We have good teachers and I even like the vending machine options. But there is one thing that I want to see changed; and that’s the bathrooms. Through all of my four years in Venice, the bathrooms have always been the worst.”

April Cuarenta
Senior Abby Barron

Abby Barron, 12th grader: “I would like to see cleaner restrooms, especially in the gender neutral restroom because I always go into stalls and there is pee on the floor. I’d also like for the organization to be better in the counseling office.”

Mireya Curiel
Math Teacher and two-time Game of Thrones trading card game World Champion, Mr. John Bruno.

John Bruno, Math Teacher: “I would like to see all the changes (construction) be done with, so we can get back to teaching. I’ve been in this bungalow for 17 years and I don’t want to be uprooted. Other than that, I’m pretty happy with everything else.” (The bungalows by the football field are going to be demolished and new ones built.)