Principal Update

Yume Kamal, News Reporter

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Mireya Curiel
The SBM committee getting trained for principal interviews.

A hiring committee is currently looking at  11 different resumes for a new principal for Venice High. The deadline for applicants was March 30. So, they are in the process of finding who would be the right fit to lead Venice High School. The last principal, Dr. Oryla Weidoeft, decided to step down as the principal for medical reasons on Feb. 26 and to allow the school to seek out new leadership.

The School Based Management is the hiring committee and consists of six members from the LAUSD district. Secondary Director of LAUSD Local District West Rose Hindinger, co chair Soni Lloyd, a classified Mas Carenas, Venice High student Mireya Curiel, Venice High teacher Brent Rojo and parent David Kent.

There are three different panels the applicants have to go through to actually get approved for the position. The first panel is a paper screening, in which the hiring committee reads the applicants’ resumes and decides who goes forward to the next panel. Next, is the interview panel. They will speak to the chosen applicants. Lastly, the finalists, who have been recommended by the hiring committee, will participate and speak at a public meeting.

Local District West Superintendent Cheryl Hildreth will make the final decision and choose who is a proper fit for this position.

The goal is to hire someone by this summer to start the next school year.

Currently, interim principal Dr. Doris Lasiter is guiding the school until the end of the semester. She is the third principal Venice High has had this year.

Principal Oryla Wiedoeft has been on a leave of absence since the beginning of this year due to previous aggressive cancer treatment and was originally expected to return on Oct. 15, but will not be returning at all. Dr. Wiedoeft’s medical leave has again been extended till June 30th. When asked if Dr. Wiedoeft will be returning to Venice High School, Dr. Lasiter said “ If she comes back, it won’t be at Venice.”