Is Prom Essential to a High School Experience ?


April Cuarenta, Asst. News Editor

Reading Time: 2 minutes

As prom approaches, many are rushing to find a date and others are trying their hardest not to cringe at what kids call “promposals.” Movies, TV shows and books have portrayed prom as one spectacular night that ends up defining whether someone got the full high school experience. Students start talking or at least thinking of prom from the moment they enter high school. I believe that in order to truly experience high school, one does need to attend prom.

Prom is something that brings out school spirit; there’s something magical about being able to spend a whole night with your fellow classmates looking like kings and queens. If anything, prom is like a farewell to all of the school dances you’ve been to since you were in elementary school.

Prom is not merely just an overpriced event, it’s a night that stays within the hearts of seniors. From the flashing of multi colored lights, to dancing the Cha-Cha slide.

According to a 2014 online poll collected by the polling company YouGov, 31% of Americans regret not attending their senior prom and believe they missed out on an important experience. This statistic perhaps may not change your mind if you’re someone who is really against prom, but hopefully  it will make you think whether missing prom is something you actually want to do. Some people may argue that prom is overrated, too expensive and a waste of time. For low income families organizations such as “Becca’s Closet” help by giving away free dresses to girls that need them.

This night is a night for firsts: perhaps a first kiss, a first elegant dance, or maybe a first all-nighter. Regardless, of whether or not you have a date, don’t let this discourage you from attending! You should ask your friends if you could all go in a group together.

Even if prom ends up being awesome or awful, it’s the events that occur within the night and after prom that will end up making up for both the cost and time. For instance, think of the trips to Denny’s and the after parties you’ll attend. The laughing fits and the “remember when.”

You’re making history this night, whether you win prom King or Queen, or you and your significant other share your first dance. Prom only happens once in your life. It is worth investing in it. You want to look back at all of your photos with friends and lovers and remember the energy and fun you had. The memories you will make at prom will last a lifetime, so that is why prom is and will continue to be an essential part of the high school experience.