Juniors Win Alumni Scholarships

Kylon Wade, News Reporter

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Three juniors won $1000 scholarships from the Venice Alumni Association. The three winners were Alicia Valenciana, Madison Kim, and Koorosh Evagee.

“It was very surprising to have won the scholarship and I’m grateful to the VHS Alumni Association to have provided me with the means to help me through college,” said Valenciana. “Although $1000 may not seem like much, it is something and can go a long way in the future.”

These alumni scholarships are given out to seniors and juniors every year, providing lots of college opportunities.

Mireya Curiel

“Winning the scholarship was pretty surreal and I really wasn’t expecting it, but my goal so far was to apply for many scholarships and hopefully get at least some and this was a large step in my opinion,” said Evagee. ”What it took to win the scholarship was a passage of me writing about my leadership skills and experiences. Also summer programs I worked during the summer.”

The three winners of the scholarships said it was their first scholarship that they’ve ever won.

Mireya Curiel

“I have never applied for anything like this before, and I believe that my motivation to go to college  for computer science was a contributing factor towards why I was chosen,” said Kim “At Venice, I am the C&E (Chatelaines and Esquires) president and i am also a part of Christian Club. I hope to get into Berkeley, my top college, and use the scholarship money for there.”