BSU Field Trip to UCLA

Alejandro Sanchez, Features Reporter

Reading Time: 2 minutes

On May 18, the Black Student Union (BSU) club led by Ms.Traci Thrasher and Mr. Mokonen Tesfom’s computer class took a field trip to the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA). About 35 students went to the university.

The reason for this trip was for the university to inspire students to keep their grades up throughout their their time in high school and to keep studying after high school, noted Ms. Thrasher. Move on to the next level, their education doesn’t stop after high school.

“This is my first time going to UCLA,” said junior Arshia Smith. “It was a great experience, although it was a little intimidating.”

“I went on this field trip to see what it’s like to go there.  I’ve heard many great things about the university,” continued Smith. “This trip has inspired me to apply to UCLA next year, I would like to major in business and also study dance because dancing is a passion of mine.”  

Zaire Mayfield, a senior who also went on this trip, said she enjoyed the fact that their tour was small compared to big tours at other colleges she has visited. The UCLA tour was different because of this and they felt more personal and comfortable to the students. The UCLA tour guides really tried to make a connection with the students, she said.

“They made everybody, including myself, feel comfortable to ask any questions we had,” said Mayfield.

Students were shown the many programs offered at the university and they were also taken to seen the hall where they keep all the trophies they’ve received over the years.

“I was already interested in the college,” said Mayfield. “But this trip to the campus has confirmed my interest in the school and I would hope to go there to major in clinical psychology.”

“This has been the best trip to UCLA ever!” said Ms. Thrasher. “My daughter attends UCLA and I learned more in that one tour about that university than in the four years she’s been there.”