Being an Outcast is Okay

Jennifer Romo, Entertainment Editor

We grew up as children hearing phrases such as ‘it’s okay to be different’ and ‘it’s okay to  stand out’. But what happens when one is left behind because they do not act like everyone else and are considered out of the ordinary? The individual is often judged as a social failure for being a social outcast.

Why do I feel like an outsider looking in? I have asked myself this question over and over again since I was 8 years old which was triggered by my social rejection at school. I recall not being included in activities with my peers such as playing tag and being invited to birthday parties or play dates. In general, I was just the quiet kid in the corner. After I felt upset about not fitting in, I decided that I should spend my time around adults such as teachers and administrators to gain wisdom from them. It took me a while to realize why I felt so different in the past, but now I can see clearly why I don’t fit in easily.

No one can deny that at some point in our lives, we have all felt different like we were not really a part of something. It’s human nature.  We didn’t really fit in or we tried changing qualities about ourselves to be more like everyone else. Some people, like me, do not change into this mindset. They keep on embracing who they really are. There are many reasons why one can feel like an outsider but one of those reasons is that the individual was born into an awakened soul and mind by being aware of their surroundings.

If any of you have felt like an outsider, you’re probably a really sensitive person since you’ve been feeling left out for quite a while. It may seem like outsiders are at a disadvantage but in reality they have a great potential to be someone and find their purpose.

For example, I recall in my pre teen years being upset about not fitting in. Even when I talked to people I did not feel like myself, I just never felt like I belonged to certain cliques because I did not go along with their immature jokes. After feeling like I did not belong, I decided to focus on the future and the great potential it consists if I keep being me and thinking positively. I never felt bad about myself  being on the outside, I just reminded myself that if I keep working hard and being myself better things would come to me with time and I would not have to waste my time with those that don’t have the same vision as me.

Being an outsider may feel isolating, but it actually brings benefits such as being able to focus on self mastery. Without ever experiencing isolation, we can never really find out our purpose in life nor ever try to be the best version of ourselves because we were never really challenged to do so.

Some other benefits that being an outsider provides is seeing through the rules and being more aware of what society dictates. Outsiders also develop a lot of wisdom and compassion because they spend a lot of time observing other people and how they work. And most importantly, outsiders are not brainwashed to think and act a certain way. Playing by the book and acting like someone you are not eventually gets boring and one can experience being miserable later in life.

Being an outsider may sound terribly lonely, but it is not. Being alone sometimes gives you a chance to be more aware of the important things going on in life that matter and the ability to achieve greatness. So if you ever feel bad about not fitting in, just remember it’s a sign that a great path is coming your way and you still haven’t reached your full potential so spend your time trying to accomplish your goals and strive all the success possible in the meantime.