Interview with Tom Torlakson State Superintendent

Julissa Ventureno and Esdras Melgar

The Oarsman Report sat down and interviewed the superintendent of public education in the state of California, Tom Torlakson. He discussed racial issues, along with gang violence and gun violence with today’s society. Mr. Torlakson talked about the students who took action on these issues and protested against unnecessary laws that promote gun violence. He discussed how many parents and social workers and staff involved in the mass school shooting in Florida came together to raise awareness that mass shootings cannot continue.

Julissa Ventureno

“It is very important for students to exercise their voice, especially the students of Venice High School that made an overall positive impact nationally and created a environment that overall helps students to vote and discuss issues that help put and end to gun violence,” said Mr. Torlakson.

Video on Mr. Tom Torlakson’s visit to Venice High: Torlakson video