Question Man: What Are Your Summer Plans?

Mya Gates, Asst. Web Editor and Illustrator

With the 2017-2018 school year coming to a close, the students are getting excited for summer! There are only 6 days left of school, so what are your plans for this Summer?

Shara Wade, 12th Grade: Well first, I’m going to New York with the Venice HS Theatre Department! Of course I’m excited, I’ve never been to NY and I get to go with my friends, so it’s gonna be super fun. After that, I’m going to orientation for Cal State Dominguez Hills for my housing. I’m most likely going to do a summer internship at Sony Pictures that I applied for as well. I’m excited for summer in general!

Devin Jones, 9th Grade: I’m going to hopefully try and get a summer job, and if I don’t, then I’m probably gonna hang out with my friends. I’m excited for summer, but winter is my favorite season.

Arshia Smith, 11th Grade: I’m going to go to dance practice at Venice on the football field and a cheer camp in Channel Islands. I’m really excited because if they think you have potential, you get a special ribbon and get to cheer/dance on their team. I get it (the ribbon) every year, but I’m never old enough (to cheer on the team), so I hope I get it this year because I’ll finally be old enough. I also need to do summer school for math. My birthday is in the summer (August 9th), so I’m especially excited for that!

David Armour, 11th Grade: This summer I’m going to be taking pre-calculus and chemistry as make-up classes at Venice High School. I’m going to start going to the gym to get built for the varsity football team for my twelfth grade year. I’m the running-back and the outside linebacker, but I got injured, so I need the summer to recover. I’m anticipating the summer, but time flies; I’m getting closer to my high school graduation and college. I have discussions with my friends about senior year.

Julissa Quero, 12th Grade: I’m going to the U.K. with my sister and her friends this summer! We’re going to museums and and stuff. After, I’m just gonna hang out with my friends and enjoy myself before college and adulting. I’m both excited and not excited for college. Yes because it’s college and you always hear about the parties and the funny professors; the social life is always fun. No because you’re independent and need to get to know yourself on a more personal level.