Venice High partners with Santa Monica College

Aranza Naguanagua, Opinion Editor

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Venice High has recently partnered up with Santa Monica College to provide students with a new Media class starting in the spring.

MEDIA SLC lead teacher Ruth Greene says the class is “going to be a history of media; history of radio and other media leading up to movies and how it relates to everyday life.”

It will also give students the opportunity to earn college credit while still in high school. Principal Elsa Mendoza recommends students take this class because it “creates a natural link from high school to community college.”

Venice High got the opportunity to partner up with the community college when college officials reached out to Dr. Mendoza about this new program.

Dr. Mendoza agreed to this partnership “because it’s a great program and the federal grant it brings is what Venice needs and the class will attract new students.”

Next year, MEDIA students will have the opportunity to take this class when they begin their freshman year. The class will offer students two career pathways: Design, Visual and Media Arts or Software Systems and Development.

This year the class will be only open to juniors and seniors and it will be available during sixth and seventh period. First priority will go to MEDIA students, then EarTH Justice. Currently 18 are students already enrolled in the class but there can be a total of 25 students for each period.

If interested in taking the class, please talk to your counselor or Ms.Greene, who is located in Room 12.